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Reduce the risk of dust and dirt entering your Data Centre

Studies have shown that 75% of Hardware failures are caused by dirt and dust.

Dust can cause irreversible harm to the data centre and its systems and introduce a major risk of fire hazard. Data centres need an effective strategy to prevent dust and particle contamination.

80% of dust and dirt entering your critical area does so on soles of feet (Source: 3M).

The traditional approach to reduce this contamination risk for data centre operators has been to use carpeted mats, but tests have shown this is ineffective in reducing dirt and dust being transferred into your IT room. Alternatives such as sticky/tacky mats which although effective initially have a limited life and need to be replaced manually with regular checks to remain effective.



A solution to this issue is now available which prevents over 99% of dust and dirt entering you data halls at or near floor level.

Polymeric flooring material has traditionally been used in the pharmaceutical and microchip industry where a clean room environment is essential for production/quality control. However the substrate is ideal for today’s data centre environment.


The material is easily installed at all entrances, walkways and exits within data centre technical space, either directly onto the floor substrate or on individual raised access tiles, irrespective of floor tile make, model or size.

With your regular cleaning regime a life expectancy of up to 3 years is guaranteed. Not only is this a cost effective strategy for particle contamination control, it also ensures a professional high quality look and feel.


Organisations already using this product within their Data Centres include Barclays, Orange, GCHQ, Royal Bank of Scotland, British Airways and Vodafone.

Polymeric ProtectaMat - is a self adhesive mat designed to control foot and wheel borne contamination ideal for non raised floor areas within the data centre such as main DC entrances, foot wells, emergency exits and storage/build out access points.

Polymeric Raised Floor Tiles - is a High Performance Contamination Control Zone designed to attract, collect and retain dust and dirt within your Data centre halls. Simply provide the dimensions of your existing floor tiles (irrespective of how non standard this is) and exact replacement tiles will be made complete with the Polymeric substrate installed.

WorkZone - is a heavy duty version, designed for use where there are concerns about contamination and cross contamination from personnel and the wheels of carts and packaging materials such as loading bay/storage areas.

Cleaning - A high performance range of cleaning products are available, designed to maximise product performance and life cycle.

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