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Things to consider when choosing a new
colocation facility


Some providers have restrictions on the minimum amount they will sell you, others that are aimed at the SME market will happily provide ½, ¼ or less of a full rack. Whether you are looking for a large quantity of racks or just a couple of “U” colofinder.co.uk can help you locate the best home for your servers.

Some providers have strict rules on the type of racks they allow in their data centres, for example, some storage solutions are supplied in their own custom racks, therefore you will need to find a hosting partner that is happy to accommodate this.

Finally, your project may dictate specific telecommunication equipment and its termination, therefore you will need to ensure the provider will allow this to be installed in their facility.

If you need advice or if you don’t like forms and wish to talk to a consultant

please call 0845 873 4588

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